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In the census of 1851, the enumerator's mistake in originally describing Henry as being married, demonstrates how recently Sarah's death had occured.  He had to amend his error by crossing this out and writing widower above.  Henry is also described as being a farmer of 47 acres.  Perhaps surprisingly, so soon after her mother's death, Henry and Sarah's eldest daughter, Jane is not enumerated in the family home, but is a servant in the household of her mother's sister, Jane Jones at Llechartfawr.  It is their 15 year old, daughter, Sarah who appears to have stepped into her mother's shoes by caring for the family of Rebecca (12), Hannah (9) and 4 year old, Ann.  It cannot have been easy for Henry to raise 5 daughters on his own and he may have relied on the help and advice of his own sister, Mary and sisters-in-law, Jane Jones and Alice Bowen.

This again was a decade of great changes for the family who never all appeared on a census entry together.  On
17th October 1852, eldest daughter, Jane married John James of Green Meadow, Rhydyfro at St. John's Parish Church in Clydach.  John, aged approx 25, was a wool spinner, originally from the Llanddeusant/Myddfai area of Carmarthenshire and he and Jane first settled in Rhydyfro and made Henry a grandfather with the births of Henry (1853), Sarah (1855) and William (1857).   Following Jane's wedding, there was an interval before a flurry of weddings at the end of the decade must have seriously depleted Henry's savings.   On 14th August 1858, 2nd eldest daughter, Sarah married 23 year old miner, Rees Phillips of Trebanos at Llangyfelach Parish Church.  This was followed on 9th July 1859 by middle daughter, Rebecca's wedding to miner, John Morgan of Brynhynydd farm, Bettws (my great great-grandparents) at St. John's Parish Church, Clydach.   Later the same year on 12th November, 4th daughter, Hannah married her brother-in-law, John Morgan's younger brother, Daniel at Christ Church, Bettws and the couple moved in with Henry and his youngest daughter, Ann at Llettyrcrydd.
Henry Bowen is not to be found in the census of
1861.  His son-in-law, Daniel Morgan is described as the head of the household at Lletty'r crydd which also includes Daniel's wife, Hannah and his sister-in-law, Ann Bowen.   Although I cannot trace him, Henry was still alive, but his whereabouts during this decade until his death on 3th November 1869 at Brynhynydd Uchaf farm (also known as Pant Brynhynydd) in Bettws remain a mystery.  Brynhynydd Uchaf farm was next to the Brynhynydd farm where Henry's 2 sons-in-law, John and Daniel Morgan were born - and where their parents still lived.  Perhaps Henry took over this farm or perhaps he moved there to join Hannah and Daniel who were enumerated at the farm after his death in the census of 1871?  Either way, Henry returned to the Baran mountain to be buried with Sarah at the Baran chapel cemetery.

Henry's will was written on
1st November, just 3 days before his death.  It's a very informative document.  From the family details contained in the will, I was able to identify the married names of all his daughters and later trace them through the censuses.  Evidence of the family relationship with his sister-in-law, Jane Jones and her husband, Howell at Llachartfawr is also demonstrated.  There is also a sense, both from the nature of the bequests, and her failure to be named as an executrix, that his 2nd daughter, Sarah was not living locally.  The wording of the will also gave the first indication that by the time it was written, Henry and Sarah's eldest daughter, Jane had already died.  The will reveals that Henry was a careful investor of his money who clearly didn't beleive in risking all his eggs in one basket and was determined to make provision for his daughters - especially Ann who remained unmarried at the time of his death.
Henry Bowen's Will: Top
In the name of God Amen.  I Henry Bowen of Brynhynydd Uchaf in the Parish of Bettws in the County of Carmarthen, labourer, being of sound and disposing mind memory and understanding do this first day of November one thousand eight hundred and sixty nine, make this my last Will and Testament in manner and form following that is to say.   First, I give and bequeath to my Grandchildren Sarah and William, children of my First daughter, Jane James, the sum of Ten pounds each on their attaining  their respective ages of twenty-one years, which said money being now invested with Howell Jones, Llachartfawr, in the Parish of Llangyfelach, on interest at the rate of five per cent per annum.   Second, I give and bequeath to my Daughter, Ann during her lifetime, the interest accruing and arising from One hundred pounds which I have invested on the Swansea Docks, and after her death the  interest to be divided in equal shares between my daughters Rebecca Morgan and Hannah Morgan and after their death, the said one hundred pounds to be divided together with the interest between my Grandchildren, namely the children of my Daughters, Rebecca Morgan, and Hannah Morgan and Sarah Phillips.   Finally, I give and bequeath the sum of Fifty pounds to be divided in equal shares between my daughters Sarah Phillips, Rebecca Morgan and Hannah Morgan, the said Fifty pounds being now on interest in the following sums with William Evans, collier, Prospect Place, Cwmamman, Twenty pounds,  with Howell Jones, Llachartfawr, in the Parish of Llangyfelach, Twenty pounds, with Daniel Jones, Tresgyrchmawr, in the Parish of Llangyfelach, Five pounds. And I hereby appoint my Daughters Rebecca Morgan, Hannah Morgan and Ann Bowen Executrix of this my Will.
                                       Henry Bowen
Signed by the said Henry Bowen as his last Will and Testament in the presence of us, being present at the same time, who at his request, in his presence, and in the presence of each other, have hereunto  subscribed our names as Witnesses thereto
                  Davey Thomas, Prospect Place, Cwmamman
                  Evan Hopkin, Twllgwyn, Bettws

Proved at Carmarthen, the 1st day of June 1870, by the oath of Hannah Morgan (wife of Daniel Morgan) the Daughter, one of the Executrixes, to whom administration was granted.  Power reserved of making the like Grant to Rebecca Morgan (wife of John Morgan) and Ann Bowen, Spinster, the Daughter, also, the other Executrixes.
Copy of will obtained from Probate Registry of Wales)
Jane (Bowen) James Sarah (Bowen) Phillips
Rebecca (Bowen) Morgan
Hannah (Bowen) Morgan Ann (Bowen) Evans
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