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Rhyndwyclydach Higher
1841 census
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John Thomas, 40, Ag. Lab., yes
Mary Thomas, 35, yes
Mary Thomas, 10, no
Thomas Thomas, 8, no
Jane Thomas, 6, no
Hannah Thomas, 3, no
Catherine Thomas, 3mths., yes
John & Mary Thomas were recorded on the 1841 list of Baran chapel members.
Tyn y cum
Mary Nathaniel, 65, spinner, yes
Catherine Nathaniel, 35, knitter, yes
Mary & Catherine Nathaniel, Tynycwm, were recorded on the 1841 list of Baran chapel members.
Mount Pleasant
Margaret James, 45, wool factory, no
Rachael James, 20, wool factory, yes
Ann James, 15, yes
Mary James, 15, yes
John James, 13, yes
Job James, 10, yes
Glyn ithrim-ucha
Morgan Rees, 35, farmer, yes
Hannah Rees, 30, yes
Thomas Rees, 8, yes
Morgan Rees, 4, yes
Rees Rees, 2, yes
Mary Rees, 2mths., yes
John Jones, 15, Ag. Lab., no
Ann Landeg, 15, F.S., no
Land Tax Assessments from 1777 record  George Vernon as the proprietor with Richart (sic) William and later, Philip John as tenants.
Ann William, 60, Ind., no
David William, 25, collier, yes
Catherine William, 20, yes
Hannah William, 15, yes
David Hopkin, 25, collier, yes
Jane Hopkin, 20, no
John Hopkin, 5mths., yes
Mary Hopkin, 60, Ind., yes
Job Hopkin, 15, collier, yes
Rees Jones, 80, labourer, yes
Mary Jones, 85, yes
Isaac Hopkin, 30, collier, yes
Elizabeth Hopkin, 30, yes
John Hopkin, 9, yes
Mary Hopkin, 7, yes
Margaret Hopkin, 2, yes
Isaac, Elizabeth, Mary & Jane Hopkin, Tanygraig,  were recorded on the 1841 list of Baran chapel members.
Isaac and his second wife, Mary and their son, Job are buried at Baran Chapel cemetery.
David Stephen, 30, Ag. Lab., no
Ann Stephen, 30, yes
Mary Stephen, 6, yes
Thomas Stephen, 4, yes
Ann Stephen, 1, yes
In Gabriel Powell's survey of 1764, the freeholder of "Clyn Eithrim Yssha" was George Venables Vernon and the tenant was widow, Anne Bevan.  In the 1805 Land Tax Assessments the tenant was a John Bevan and in 1809, it was a David Thomas.
William Jones, 50, collier, no
Mary Jones, 50, yes
John Jones, 15, collier, yes
Thomas Jones, 14, collier, yes
Morgan Jones, 11, collier, yes
Elizabeth George, 9, F.S., yes
Thomas Thomas, 30, lab., no
Elizabeth Thomas, 30, no
Ann Thomas, 6, no
David Thomas, 4, no
Hannah Thomas, 2, yes
Land Tax Assessments from 1777 record George Venables Vernon as the proprietor and Philip John and later, Edward Frister/Fraster, David Frister and David Thomas as tenants.
Hopkin Hopkin, 20, collier, yes
Margaret Hopkin, 25, no
Maria Hopkin, 1, yes
William William, 30, collier, yes
Mary William, 25, yes
David William, 1, yes
John William, 4mths., yes
Llewelyn Hopkin, 30, collier, yes
Hannah Hopkin, 25, yes
John Hopkin, 5, yes
Sarah Hopkin, 4, yes
Mary Hopkin, 2, yes
Llewelyn & Hannah Hopkin, Bankyfynon (sic) were recorded on the 1841 list of Baran chapel members.
Hannah Harris, 40, Ind., yes
Mary Harris, 12, yes
William Harris, 4, yes
Evan Harris, 1, yes
John Thomas, 35, collier, yes
Ann Thomas, 35, yes
Evan Thomas, 8, yes
Morgan Thomas, 4, yes
Ann Davies, 65, ?works, yes
Llewelyn Thomas, 30, farmer, yes
SarahThomas, 20, yes
Hopkin Hopkin, 12, Ag. Lab., yes
In the 1805 Land Tax Assessment the tenant was a Mary John, the wife of "Llewelin" John named as tenant on previous assessments from 1772 onwards.  Mary was a sister of Rev. Roger Howell's father, John.  She married Llewelyn on 18th December 1776 at Llangyfelach church.  Mary & Llewelyn were the parents of Rev. John Jones (1781-1813) who attended Carmarthen Presbyterian college (1800-1803) and subsequently ministered at Bridgewater, Belper & Plymouth. 
Llewelin died in 1804.  In his will, dated 5th January 1804 he bequeathed the lease of Cwmbryn to his wife, Mary and named his son, John and daughters, Esther and Mary in other bequests.  The wording of the will suggests that daughter, Esther was already married, whilst Mary was a spinster.
In 1809 the tenant of Cwmbryn is recorded as a Thomas Thomas.  A Thomas Thomas of Cadoxton married a Mary Jones of Llangyfelach on 9th May 1806.
Mary & Sarah Thomas, Cwmbryn were recorded on the 1841 list of Baran chapel members.
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