John Howell's funeral
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A page from John Howell's account book completed by his family regarding his funeral expenses:
                       Thos Owen
               Cash lent
               for funeral & other
               expenses                         5-0-0

Feb 21st    Paid Davies for
               To pay for cake                           4-8
23rd          For brooches                                   4-0
To pay for Mary Rhys
                 kid boots                                        
March 8    To pay the woman for
                 laying out body                               
March 29   For digging grave & attending
                 funeral  D. Harris                          
                Pd. Owen Bowen for same                5-0
April 18      Dan Jenkins for
                 ? estate of late JH                        
        16    For newspaper                                 5-6
April 18     For Mary's slippers                           4-6
2/6Tapping & gloves 1/                     3-6  
March 23   Paid Jones Bank Shop                  
expenses in going
                 to prove will                            
               To pay D Owen R. Oak
                subscription for
                ploughing match                              
Board & lodgings 7-10-0                    7-10-0
June 15     settled all a/c                             ---------------
                relating to Father's funeral         

Thomas Owen
               John Roberts
           Cardiff                                         8-0-0
Davies Shop                                 4-0-0
Transcript of newspaper report of John Howell's funeral

The death and burial of Mr John Howell formerly of Nantmoel, Baran, Pontardawe. 
The above (named) died on 11th February at Chancefield, Talgarth, Breconshire, aged 79 years.  The deceased was a son of the late Reverend Howell, first minister of Baran, who died in the year 1843, whose memory is respected to the present day.  The deceased was a faithful deacon in the Baran for years.  Some years ago he moved to his daughter, Mrs Powell's home at Gelly House, Llanedi at great cost to the Baran church. He was a wise counsellor, a safe leader and a zealous loss to the local cause. 
About a year ago he moved with his daughter Mrs Owen to Changefield, Talgarth, Breconshire.  He was buried Friday, February 15th in Baran cemetery, his own land, like Abraham of yore.  The body arrived at Pontardawe from Talgarth by train at 1 o'clock.  After settling the deceased in the hearse, they set out for Baran.
The funeral was private.  Four of his tenants served as bearers, namely Mr Bowen, Ystradgynlais; Mr. Davies, Nantmoel; Mr. Harries, Brynwith and Mr. Jones, Penyreskar.  The mourners followed in carriages.  In the first carriage was Mr. & Mrs. Owen, his daughter; in the second, Mr. & Mrs. Roberts, his daughter with grandchildren, Griffith, Herbert, Lewis, Bessie, Anne and Miss Mary Rhys, his grand-daughter from America who has been studying at Miss Lewis' school, Bank House, Llandilo.  In the third (carriage) was Mr. Davies, ironmonger, Pontardawe; Mr. & Mrs. Jordan, chemist, Pontardawe; Mr. John Jones, Clynmeirch, Pontardawe; and Rev. J. H. Davies, Baran.  In the fourth (carriage) was Dr. Eliazer Davies, Fochriw; and Mr. G. Davies, draper , Neath; in the fifth Mr. & Mrs Jones, Cwmcale (actually Cwmcille), Craigcefnparc;  in the sixth Mr. & Mrs. Morgan, Dancamlas, Ystradgynlais;
in the seventh, two sons and the daughter of the late Mr. Walters, Cwmgorse.  The day of the deceased's funeral was essentially white.  Everywhere looked blanched and the whiteness brought to mind the blessedness of the saint strolling with Jesus in white robes etc.  The service was sensitively and ably conducted by Rev. J. H. Davies, Baran.
He left one sister and three daughters to mourn him, namely Mrs Jones, yr Hafod, Pontardawe, who is getting on in age and was unable to attend the funeral; Mrs Owen and Mrs Roberts, Chancefield, Talgarth and Mrs Rhys, Colorado, America.  God protect his elderly sister and her husband, his three daughters and all his relations.
(rough translation).   
The reporter has been misinformed that John had recently gone to live with his daughter,
Mrs Owen (Sarah Elizabeth) at Chancefield.  It was his youngest daughter, Mrs Roberts (Mary Jane) who lived there.  He had previously lived with his daughter, Sarah Elizabeth Owen at Llanedi, before moving to Chancefield.
Of the
In the
2nd carriage, John's grand-daughter, Mary Rhys was the daughter of his eldest daughter, Ann and her husband, Joseph Benjamin Rhys of Denver.
In the
3rd carriage, Mr. & Mrs Jordan were Esaiah and Ann Jordan.  Ann was the daughter of Isaac and Gwenllian Jones of Glynmeirch.  Gwenllian Jones and John Howell's late wife, Ann were sisters.  John Jones (3rd carriage) was the son of John's surviving sister, Jane Jones, yr Hafod (formerly of Llachartfawr) and her husband, Howell.
In the
4th carriage, Dr. Eliazer Davies and his brother, Mr. George Davies of Neath were the sons of John Howell's niece, Ann Davies (nee Bevan), the widow of Rev. John Davies, Cwmamman.  Ann was the daughter of John's deceased, eldest sister, Ann .
In the
5th carriage,  Mr. & Mrs. Jones, Cwmcille were Isaac & Ann Jones.  Isaac was the eldest son of John's sister, Jane and her husband, Howell, of Llachartfawr and latterly, Hafod.
In the
6th carriage, Mr. & Mrs. Morgan, Dancamlas were Richard & Caroline Morgan.  Caroline was the daughter of Richard Lewis, Ystradisaf - a brother of John's late wife, Ann.  
In the
7th carriage, the 2 sons and daughter of the late Mr. Walters, Cwmgorse and his late wife, Rachel (nee Bevan), who was the daughter of John's deceased sister, Ann Bevan.
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